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Guide to Buying Gold Bullion in Brisbane

In a fast-changing world, many investors are looking towards gold as a hedge to inflation and government money printing. William McFee said: “It is extraordinary how many emotional storms one may weather in safety if one is ballasted with ever so little gold.” These words ring true today when inflation is running high.

If you Buy gold bullion Brisbane, it can be an exciting experience especially with the right sales consultant. You must do some research to choose from the many different types of bullion that dealers offer. Not only do Dealers offer you different sizes or styles of physical gold bars and coins, they can also offer you to buy into a pooled share of bullion bars.

Pooled Bullion

Brisbane Gold company offer this unique investment. Their pool-allocated product allows you to purchase or invest in a share of their gold bullion reserves. Once you buy a share, the bullion is fully managed by them, on your behalf.

Since you purchase a share in the bullion, the bullion is stored for free and sold slightly less than buying the physical product. The primary benefit of this ownership is that the premium payable on bullion bars is the lowest of all bullion products.

If you add to the savings on the premium that you do not have additional storage and insurance costs, you must conclude that it is a pretty good deal.

You can purchase your pool-allocated bullion via the online store. Through your investor’s account, you can buy gold bullion starting from 10 grams. Like physical bullion, pool prices are linked and follow the spot price of gold.

To liquidate your investment is a simple process. Because the account is an online account, you can sell your pooled portfolio 24 hours a day / 7 days a week. It is also possible to exchange your pooled gold for physical gold. The account allows you to withdraw your bullion from the pooled gold.

The selling price of physical gold is higher than pooled gold. It is due to the higher premium that you pay for purchasing a bullion bar. Therefore, if you withdraw your bullion from the pool, you must pay the difference between the two products.

If the price for 10oz of bullion is $28,500 and the pool allocation is $28,300, you have to pay the withdrawal gap fee of $200.

Pooled bullion is an ideal option if you want to buy larger quantities to reduce and don’t want to store it yourself. It also provides you the flexibility to liquidate your portfolio quickly. The size of your investment will depend on your circumstances and whether you have a short-term or long-term investment outlook.

Physical Gold Bars

Aren’t comfortable buying into a pool allocated share? No problem, buy the physical gold bars instead. Brisbane Gold Company offer a variety of gold bars to suit all investors, whether its Mum n Dad or a superfund. Most common bars sold are the 1oz gold bullion bars and most transactions are conducted in cash. Superfunds will usually order online and buy in larger amounts. The most commonly sold bar to a superfund is 1kg.


If you are looking to buy gold bullion Brisbane, the bullion industry in Brisbane keeps tread with the fast and evolving world economies, offering unique and investor-specific products that enable each investor to structure his portfolio by his needs. 


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