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Here’s How You Can De-side On Your Sideboards Online

Sideboards are one of the most common pieces of furniture used in every home. But not many will know that the sideboard is the best storage cabinet for the home. Yes, sideboards are storage cabinets that have a flat top and shelves or cupboards below for storage. This way, you can use the flat top as a table or display a flower vase or any other art piece and store all your random stuff below. Usage of storage space varies from person to person and the area in which it is placed. Initially, the sideboards were invented to support storage space in the dining room to store crockery and cutlery. But now, it has been slightly remodelled to fit any space.

If you are looking for a fashionable sideboard for your home, take a look at the Wakefit website, as they have plenty of sideboards and home furniture designs online, and you can choose from them. Given below are a few points to consider while buying a sideboard online.

De-side on where to place the sideboard

Sideboards can be placed in different places like the living room, dining room, bedroom, kitchen space etc. If you’re a person who loves to host dinners and have plenty of crockery and cutlery, it can find its place in the dining room. Some might want to place the sideboards in the living room to decorate and store random things. See if there is a place by the window sill to place the sideboard as it will be perfect for placing a plant on it. You can also keep it in your bedroom to store personal bills, medicines, etc., and use it as a writing table. Keeping a sideboard in the kitchen is not very common but can be used for storing plates, spoons etc. if you do not have enough space in the dining room.

Evaluate the room size

Whenever you try to accommodate any furniture in the room, ensure it doesn’t take too much space and make the room clumsy. Measure the room size and allot space for all the furniture in the room. Coming to sideboards, ensure there is enough floor space around it to walk freely. Keep your sideboard against a wall so that it doesn’t obstruct free movement in between. Ensure the height of the sideboard if you’re placing it near the window, as it should not cross the height of the sill level.

Select the number of drawers and shelves

Sideboards aid in the easy organisation of random stuff. For example, you cannot use the wardrobe to store your medicines, torch lights, chargers, small tools etc. A sideboard helps you store items that cannot be categorised into any specific usage. Moreover, you need not sacrifice style and space to use a sideboard. The top surface can be used as a table, while the below is effective storage. A sideboard usually has shelves till the floor or about two or three inches above the floor, which means it provides you a solid amount of storage space. Select the number of open and closed shelves you require. You can also choose drawers with runners for efficient storage.


Pick one that matches the decor of the room

When placed in the living room, the sideboards should blend with the rest of the furniture in the room. It should not look odd and out of place. Choose a similar wood texture for all the furniture in the room including the sideboards for a uniform feel. Sideboards look fancy and add up to the aesthetic appeal of the room. You can easily elevate the look of the room using sideboards.

Ensure the sideboard is durable and versatile

If you are constantly struggling with organising your stuff and cannot de-clutter the room, try the sideboards as it is considered the most versatile furniture of all. It can be moved to any room and is very functional. It is always best to buy furniture online as you have a large variety. Ensure you choose one that is durable and of the best quality. Choose a wooden sideboard cabinet to stand tall and sturdy for an entire lifetime.


Online furniture shopping can be the best choice you can ever make as it saves most of your time and energy. You can shop the best sideboards online at the comfort of your own home and get them delivered to your doorstep. Choose a renowned brand with exquisite quality and a variety of designs. Do not fall prey to cheap ones with low prices. Wait for the best deals online and grab the right one. Buy a sideboard that helps you store all your stuff and enhances the look of your room.