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BBQs2U – Innovative Kamado Joe Accessories To Maximize Grilling Experience

BBQs2U is the popular Kamado Joe UK Shop that offers KJ grills at a discount along with gifts. Kamado grills are preferred for cooking temperatures ranging from 200° to 700°. Roast turkey and chicken in 350° to 450° range. Sear for steaks and burgers in the 500° to 550° range. Bake pizzas at as high as 700°! The Kamado Joe grills are designed to handle a wide range of cooking temperatures.

Kamado Joe manufacturer even offers a massive range of accessories. BBQs2U is the one-stop platform to buy other branded grills like Masterbuilt, Ooni, and Napoleon. Check out KJ accessories and completely change the grill performance.

Joetisserie transforms the Kamado Joe into a comprehensive rotisserie oven. The cast aluminum ring includes forks and a rod, while there is a powerful motor that can spin 50 lbs. of food. The juices drop in the fire creating smoke that enhances the flavor while cooking.

Kamado Joe 600 W electric started is a simple basic tool to start a fire safely. Electric Joe Blow lighter is also a cool accessory that allows lighting the fire within three minutes. Kamado Joe offers an array of cooking surfaces including cast iron grate, reversible cast iron griddle, stainless steel laser-cut, soapstone, and grill expander for Big Joe and Classic.

Pizza stone transforms the Kamado Joe into an oven. It is a ceramic stone designed to offer an even heating surface to give a nice crispy pizza base and quality crust. Deep dish pizza stone is for making thin base pizzas, paella, and casseroles. The KJ chicken stand holds 5 lbs. of a bird with ease. It holds 16 oz. liquid.

The KJ stainless steel rib rack allows placing and cooking multiple ribs to perfection. For that genuine campfire, feel add the cast iron Dutch oven. Cook stews, soups, chili, etc., and enjoy outdoor cooking. Wok allows cooking oriental meals directly on the Kamado grill. The Wok is designed from cast iron and is durable. KJ’s customized grill covers to ensure that weather does not depreciate the equipment.

BBQs2U even has replacement parts for the Kamado Joe grills like the handles and shelves. The KJ has so many detailed features that outperform other Kamado grills available in the market. On BBQs2U, people can tap Kamado Joe Best Price anytime, just keep checking. It is worth the value.

KamadoSpace tables are designed to fit every KJ model and even some other Kamado-style grills. KamadoSpace tables are available in two models – Infinite Island and Infinite XL Island. The table offers a gorgeous outdoor cooking island, which allows storing all the KJ accessories and keeping them handy for food preparation. It is sturdy, durable, and gorgeous. It ensures that the outdoor cooking space not just looks awesome but provides the cook an absolute satisfaction while barbequing in the backyard!

Social media marketing is a trend and BBQs2U has adapted this tool. On Facebook, they list their products, share posts, and images. There is a good fan following on their social media profiles.