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Tips to make your Velvet curtains pop

It seems hat velvet is one of those fabrics that never goes out of vogue. Due to the soft and luxurious pile that gives this material its tactile quality, it is excellent for adding an elegant touch to any room in the house.

Surprisingly, some individuals consider velvet challenging to incorporate into an environment. Velvet has been used in homes for as long as we can remember, but that doesn’t mean it can’t look beautiful in contemporary and modern settings. Below are several techniques for decorating with this beautiful and classy cloth.

Little can go a long way.

When using Velvet curtains for decoration, a modest piece of this sumptuous fabric may go a long way. In the absence of a “less is more” mindset, velvet may appear dated and ultimately dominate a space. If you want your velvet curtains to be the center point of the room, avoid adding velvet pillows and furniture. If you already have velvet furnishings in the area where you plan to hang your new curtains, you may choose to divide them evenly to avoid clashing.

Complement Velvet Curtains with Other Materials

The key to a successful interior design scheme is using various complementary materials and fabrics to create a room that is well-balanced and cohesive. Velvet drapes are incredibly versatile and can appear quite subtle when used with other materials. When coupled with organic, natural textiles such as linen, velvet curtains may be made to appear casual and contemporary. In contrast, hanging velvet curtains in a room with more opulent fabrics, such as silk, produce a more ornate and sumptuous appearance.

Explore Colors

Velvet is beautiful because it enhances the appearance of any color. Velvet curtains will make even the most subtle hues stand out due to how light is reflected depending on how you see the pile. When selecting the appropriate hue for your velvet curtains, use a shade that complements the room’s existing color scheme. Choose a tint that will act as the space’s focal point when selecting velvet curtains for a room with neutral walls. Red is both a daring and conventional option for velvet curtains, and it can look fantastic in historic homes. Velvet drapes in shades of grey or muted neutrals are great for contemporary spaces.


Velvet Gets Better with age

A further advantage of picking velvet for window curtains is that it ages gracefully. As the pile of velvet curtains “bruises” the fabric, a faint patina develops, which gives character to your curtains and, by extension, your décor. As velvet curtains are less likely to be touched than velvet furniture, they tend to age more slowly than other velvet home furnishings, but this is not a cause for concern once it does develop. Embrace every unique imperfection! If this effect concerns you, mild steaming should restore the fabric’s original appearance.

Select Room for Your Curtains

While velvet curtains are compatible with several home design types, they may not be the best option for some spaces. Kitchens and bathrooms are often humid, and frequent dampness could exacerbate inevitable deterioration. Instead, install velvet drapes in the bedroom, home theatre, or any other room where you wish to create a pleasant, cozy atmosphere.

Considering the considerations above should enable the incorporation of velvet curtains into an interior design scheme to be simple and effective. Despite their luxurious appearance, velvet curtains are surprisingly robust and can last many years when properly maintained.