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Pain Management and PRP – How Are They Interrelated? 

Chronic pain has become common in people that have crossed 60 years. Many patients have complained about chronic pain these years, even though they have not yet crossed 25 years. This can be because of the lifestyle, lack of physical activities in daily life, and other such issues. This pain can damage the daily habits of people and the best way of counteracting this issue is with the help of PRP treatment.

PRP Therapy

Platelet-rich plasma therapy, also known as PRP therapy, focuses on reducing all kinds of damages at the cellular level in the body of patients. This is the best solution for many kinds of invasive treatments such as corticosteroid injection, pain-reducing drugs, and other invasive surgeries.

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Working Mechanism

PRP therapy relieves pain in the regions where there are damaged tissues in the body. The pain is stimulated by the innate healing cascade in the body. Every damaged tissue in the body will be made alert to a person by the rush of the platelet cells to that particular area in the body. The platelets that rush to the region will start stimulating many kinds of growth factor, which will, in turn, trigger the healing mechanism in the body.

The rushing of platelet cells to any damaged region in the body and the development of growth factors are the natural healing mechanism in the body. PRP therapy is like taking this healing mechanism to the next level. Here, all the other components of blood will be separated from plasma, except for the platelet cells. The supply of enough platelets to the damaged region will cure all kinds of chronic pain successfully.

PRP therapy for Chronic Pain

Here are many benefits of choosing PRP therapy for chronic pain.

  • Handles all kinds of pain in the neck and back areas
  • Takes care of chronic plantar fasciitis
  • Instability and pelvic pain can be handled
  • Rotator cuff injuries are successfully taken care of
  • Osteoarthritis of the hip, shoulder, knee, and spine can be successfully cured
  • Tendonitis and tennis elbow injuries can be cured

Choosing the PRP kit for the therapy

The PRP kits are of two kinds,

  1. Gel separators
  2. Buffy coats
  3. Buffy coat with double spin

A biosafe kit is the most-preferred type of kit for PRP therapy. It is the option that can guarantee the best solution for every PRP solution preparation.

PRP Therapy Procedure

  • A small quantity of blood is drawn from the body of the patient.
  • It is subjected to centrifugation with the help of the best-quality PRP tubes
  • The resulting solution will have PRP separated inside the centrifugation tubes.
  • It is carefully separated from the tube with the help of an injection

The separated solution is then utilised for PRP therapy. The solution is injected directly into the region of chronic pain to handle the damaged cells. The effects can be experienced within a few weeks.