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Process of Carpet Installation and How Long Does It Take to Install Carpet:

Laying down the carpet and installing it might seem like a daunting task if you are new to it or are trying it for the first time, but with the right tools and guidance, you will be able to do a sure job! In this blog, we will take you thread by thread on how you can install the wall-to-wall carpet at your intended place.

you need to remove anything and everything that may hinder the carpet removal and installation. Such as doors, furniture, wiring, closet doors, baseboards, etc.

Now it is time to remove your old carpet and padding, if you did not have any before then you don’t need to worry. Clean your floor either by dusting, vacuuming, or moping. Make sure there are no bumps on the track. Make repairs if need be and dry the floor completely before installation.

Measure your floor and get accurate measurements by double or triple checking the lengths and widths. Then multiply them with each other to get the square foot length required of the carpet. Carpets are available in units of yard and foot. 1 yard is equal to 9 feet. Do the math and get the answer in your required unit

When you are certain the floor is ready then install carpet tack strips on it. Cut the strips according to the size of your room and place the strip on the floor in such a position that the tacks are facing the wall. Maintain a 2/3rd thickness of carpet space between the walls and the strip. Do not install it on the openings of doors. Nail the strips of wooden flooring or use masonry tacks o epoxy glue if concrete flooring.

Put the padding on the floor and cut it according to the length of your room, the edges should reach only up to the tack strips but not over them. Tape or glue the padding pieces together. Hammer the padding on the strip and cut off any excess. For concrete flooring follow manufacturer advice.

Cut the carpet according to your measurements making relief cuts at the corners. Use heat-activated tape to join the seams of different carpet pieces, make sure the cut parts are straight, joining but not overlapping. Make sure the seam is tight throughout the length. Use an iron to activate the tape and put something heavy over it till it dries. Also, add 3 inches extra to the carpet length.

Use a knee kicker to stretch and attach the carpet to the tack strips. Use a wall trimmer and carpet tucker to cut the edge. Following the same process throughout the room, a carpet stretcher can be used as well for taut stretching.

Apply transition strips at thresholds with a brad nailer and use edging to make the space even. Seal the edges with latex sealant, and replace everything you removed.

There is no specific time frame for carpet installation, it can take from 5 hours to a day or more depending on the area of the room, the structure of the room, the type of carpet, and whether you are installing it in a single room or more and also if there are stairs involved or not.