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Invisalign Essentials: Must-Know Information for Prospective Patients

Woman wearing orthodontic silicone trainer. Invisible braces aligner. Mobile orthodontic appliance for dental correction.

Having well aligned teeth is a boon since it positively impacts your smile and overall appearance. But not all may be blessed with a proper teeth alignment. Dental problems like crooked and crowded teeth can affect your teeth alignment and occlusion. To solve your dental problems the dentist in Fairfield, ME offers orthodontic procedures to align your teeth. 

And what better way by doing so using modern clear aligners. Invisalign is the most trending clear aligners that offer a series of benefits. If you are thinking of getting Invisalign then you are on the right track. Here you have a few important points to know in order to make an informed decision about Invisalign. 

What is Invisalign?

Invisalign is a set of clear, removable customized trays made up of biocompatible material. These trays are worn regularly for a fixed amount of time to help align your imperfect teeth. Invisalign uses cutting-edge technology with minimal pain and discomfort. These aligners are trending since they are aesthetically superior to traditional metal braces. 

Things to know about Invisalign 

Here is a comprehensive list of important points to remember before getting Invisalign. 

    • Invisalign is fast and efficient 
      • Unlike traditional metal braces, Invisalign can offer quick results.
      • You may notice visible results within 4 to 5 months.
  • You may experience mild discomfort 
      • While most often there is no pain and discomfort, some may likely feel mild discomfort.
      • However, this is notably less when compared to traditional metal braces. 
  • Your teeth may feel loose
      • Most often you may feel teeth loosening especially after the treatment which is normal.
      • This is because your teeth need to be loose to facilitate movement to correct the alignment.
  • Invisalign is custom made
      • Your doctor will design Invisalign trays to fit your mouth securely. 
      • A series of trays are fabricated that require change for every two weeks. 
  • You may have limited time to eat and drink
      • Invisalign is supposed to be worn for around 20 to 22 hours.
      • This makes you have limited time to eat and drink until you wear the aligners again. 
  • You must clean your aligners properly
    • Use a soft brush and special liquid to clean your trays, do not use any toothpaste.
  • You can whiten your teeth 
    • Since you already have customized trays, you can do multiple tasking with them by using a whitening agent at night to have brighter and whiter teeth. 
  • You are never too old for Invisalign 
    • It’s a myth that orthodontic braces are only for teenagers
    • But this has been debunked since Invisalign can be effective for teenagers and old aged patients as well. 

So if you are thinking of getting Invisalign, read our informative blog to determine if Invisalign is the right choice of treatment for your oral needs.