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WFH Furniture Ideas For A Comfortable 9-to-5

Everyone who is working from home is just not managing work, but there are other things too. Balancing work and daily chores at home is quite a challenge. Hence, keeping yourself comfortable during working hours becomes vital as you spend most of your time. If you’re on a 9 to 5 job, you have to get separate furniture for yourself as you can’t sit all day on the couch or your bed with the laptop. Keep in mind that you are doing eight hours of work daily, and you need to be comfortable to work efficiently. Wakefit recommends ergonomic furniture that can keep you comfortable and at ease all day. Adding the best work from home furniture that helps in achieving this comfort is necessary. Here are a few ideas that would be of great help to you.

Choose the Right Desk

The most important thing to be considered in work from home furniture is buying the right table. The home office desk is fundamental and cannot be compromised at any cost. Purchasing the right study table design can work wonders on your efficiency, comfort and organisation levels. Pick a desk that suits your space, personality and style of work. You also have the option of a study table with drawers to keep your necessities in it.

Match your study table with the perfect Chair

Coming to your chair, choose an ergonomic chair that gives you the best comfort throughout the day. Make sure the chair supports your back and neck correctly so that you don’t develop pain. Work from home is also about eight hours of constant sitting. Although you get up in between breaks, the sitting posture should be correct to avoid spinal problems. There is plenty of wfh furniture online that can help you work comfortably throughout the day.

Pick a study table that has a bookshelf attached

Storage is the main criterion everywhere. Use wall shelves to store files and books you might need for reference during office hours. Make sure you place your files neatly and stacked in a way you can identify each one quickly without having to search for them. Use corner bookshelves that give a beautiful aesthetic view of the room. You can also opt for a study table with a bookshelf design to stack your books, as getting up from your place each time for reference might distract you from work.

Use wall shelves to brighten up your work from home space

Wall shelves can either be open or closed depending on your storage. If you want to store files and other office stationery, maybe you can opt for a closed one. Otherwise, it is best to go for an open wall shelf. The beauty of open wall shelves is that it allows you to display the medals and trophies you got for your work and other art pieces that give a classy look to the room. You can also place books, small plants etc., on the open wall shelves for display.

Consider a small couch

If you have enough space, place a lovely comfy couch by the window sill to have a nice cup of coffee in the evening while relaxing. Breaks are required in between work to sharpen the brain. So don’t forget to place your favourite couch in your office space. Also, make sure the couch matches the interior decor of the room. Work on the texture and fabric too.  T

Use Double desks to pair with your partner

Suppose you and your partner work together, pair up a double desk that can hold two computer screens and CPUs for the both of you. Keep the pen stand or stationary tray in the centre for everyday usage. You can have bookshelves on either side of the double desk. Choose a sleek one so that it looks modern and holds less space. It applies to siblings too. You can make your children study in the same place so that it is easy to monitor them at the same time and place.

Keep storage units

Storage units can be wall-mounted cupboards or ordinary ones, depending on your needs. If you have enough space for a floor-mounted one, choose the best one that stands sturdy and is big enough to hold all your files and records. Of course, a wall-mounted one cannot hold as much as the floor-mounted one can. But it is helpful for those who don’t have too many files to store.


An office space should not only have the right kind of furniture but should be spacious enough. Do not overcrowd the room and keep it minimal. Choose trendy and comfortable furniture to keep you energised and comfortable throughout the day.