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What is the difference between IBPS SO IT Officer and AFO officer?

In the previous days, people only used to aspire for a good job that used to give them a handsome amount of money every month. But in the present situation people not only want a good paying job but also want opportunities to develop and grow themselves to the maximum possible extent.

It is basically considered to be the most important decision and since both growth and security is available in government jobs the conventional thought was always considered this to be the best course of action for making your future. There are different types of government jobs that you can basically do but out of all of them IBPS SO IT officer and AFO officer.

These two job profiles are very reputed and at the same point of time provide a great amount of incentive in terms of income. However they are diametrically opposite to each other and the differences have been noted down as follows.

  • Who is an IBPS SO IT Officer?

This is basically a government job profile that is only intended towards offering its services to the Rural banking departments. It is able to act as an information technology officer in different types of public sector banks and private banks which are having their branches in the rural areas.

In addition they can also be employed in the government sector banks like NABARD as well as regional rural banks. It is also important to keep in mind that the main function of this type of officers is to promote financial literacy and provide operational flexibility to the Banking operations in the rural areas.

  • Functions

The most important function of this officer is to act as a diligent officer and scrutinise the digital working of banks. These people are also responsible for handling all the types of Technical defects in the banking system and fixing them in the instant point of time.

They try to prevent fraud on the banking system and at the same point of time keep an eye on the cyber crimes which are happening in the rural areas due to financial illiteracy of the people. It is considered to be an important part of the duty to conduct workshops and also due diligence on every Bank so as to be certain if the technicalities and intricacies are being handled with great care.

  • Who is an AFO officer?

This is another type of government officer who is basically known by the name of agriculture field officer. He is basically having the management of the agricultural lands and also works efficiently in the revenue department related to the agriculture field. It is important to provide for the fact that one of the most important type of officer can only be discovered and found in every type of government department in the rural areas because he is able to function only in the sectors.

  • Functions

This officer is basically concerned with the management of the records of the field including the maintenance of landlord tenant record. It takes into consideration the total area which has been irrigated and the Waste Land percentage in a particular place. It also undertakes activities for the betterment of different types of Agricultural people so that the income of the same can be increased.


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