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Here’s How To Maintain Your Doors and Windows

With summer approaching its end, we already start worrying about the fall. We worry because we have a whole lot to clean now; the yard, the patio furniture, and even our doors and windows. These are important yet much neglected tasks. To help you not miss out on the cleaning and maintenance part, here are some tips that we are listing down below:

Clean moving parts and sills

This is a fall maintenance process and it should be a thorough process. You can start by cleaning the window’s sills and the moving parts. This will help to clean and remove the debris, sand, and dirt that the glass easily catches. The accumulation of these makes it tougher to move the windows. You can also clean them with a dry brush to ensure a better performance.

Apply sealer

This time of the year is the best time to apply or reapply the sealants and caulks around your home’s doors and windows. It will reduce the scope for leakage and will completely focus on the areas that are exposed to constant sunlight and other extreme weather conditions.

Install snap-ins and blinds

Through this simple step, you will be able to best insulate your home from even the coldest winter temperatures. You can also pick the windows that come with the shades between the glasses. This will provide you with added privacy and energy efficiency benefits.

Replace or repair damaged surfaces

The cracked wooden panes of the windows and doors can absorb water. In due course of time, it will lead to the entry of cold air and moisture into the house. You should carefully inspect for the occurrence of leakage or damaged wood and replace them as soon as possible.

Get energy-efficient doors and windows

If your house has a clear and single pane or old doors and windows, chances are high that your energy bills will be huge. You can immediately replace them with energy-efficient, double-paned windows that have glass units for insulation. You can also install a fiberglass door for year-round insulation. This will prevent the swift outflow of heat from within and you can easily maintain the desired temperature.

Get the best energy-efficient products from the Portes et Fenetres Inter-Québec collection and insulate your home in the best possible ways. These maintenance tips will also help you increase the longevity of the doors and windows.