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5 Ways to propose your girl in the most unexpected manner

Proposing a girl can be an exciting idea. You know she has been longing to hear it from you and you cannot wait any longer to see her reaction on the proposal. Think of all the exciting ways you can before proposing your girl. Before you even plan, remember that she is special and thus, the proposal has to be special too.

Thinking of engagement rings, Faith engagement rings make the most unique and rare engagement rings for a planned proposal. Engagement is the first step before marriage and thus, you must also make it special to let her know that she is all that you desire in life for long and you want her to be taken by you.

5 Ways to propose your girl in a planned manner:

  1. Understand her:

Don’t let her freak out by proposing in a way that she wouldn’t appreciate. Engagement or proposal with a ring is like a commitment and thus, you must know your girl well before doing it. Understand her body language when she is next to you. You must know her well as it will give you an idea of what type of proposal she will appreciate if it ever happens.

  1. Keep it natural:

Regardless of the type of proposal you plan, you must be yourself. Try to keep it natural. Proposal is the first step to know that you both are ready for this commitment and willing to take the relation to the next level.

  1. Reason for proposal:

What is the reason of your proposal? Are you proposing her for being engaged to her or directly proposing her to marry you? You must know the reason why you are proposing your girl before you plan a proposal idea.

  1. Choose a good location:

It is a special and most important decision. However, don’t choose a crowded place and avoid being embarrassed if she turns your proposal down. You must choose a location to set the ambiance right and create a romantic environment for the proposal.

  1. Seek professional support:

Reach out to professionals to plan the whole proposal for you. There are event companies that will offer you plethora of options to pick the right proposal for your girl. Don’t overdo things and stick to your budget. Your girl must know your limitations and the real you before accepting your proposal.

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