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Cleaning of silk curtains

Regarding the curtains fabric, silk curtains require more attention and care. Other people opt to bring them to a professional dry cleaner in order to ascertain that they will be properly cared for. However, what is beneficial is the light and shine it maintains. One of the most viable options is the fact that curtains are better washed with hands.

Is it worth buying silk curtain cleaning detergent?

Manual ones are working in simply an amazing way. But not all types of silk can be hand-washed. This is because those made from low-quality can easily shrink and fade. Therefore, it is highly advised that before you continue the manual washing of silk curtains you have to wash a small section first to see how it will react with water. For those who want to ascertain that their silk drapes will be properly maintained, you can invest in specialized silk detergents, which are now widely available in local stores. Since they are specially formulated for silk, expect that they will come with a hefty price. Of course, in return, you can be sure that your precious curtains will be well taken care of.

What are the recommendations of the experts?

Some experts believe that using a mild shampoo will be enough. But in any case, it is best to check the manufacturer’s recommendations. If you choose to hand wash your silk curtains (i.e. dupioni silk curtains), you should follow the simple washing guide. First, start by soaking the curtains in cold water mixed with a mild soap solution. Then wash off the soap with clean, cold water. Then fill the sink with cold water and add a quarter cup of vinegar. This is done to ensure that all soap residue is removed and its natural shine is preserved. Finally, give it a final wash, and then let it dry!

Silk curtains have been a center of attraction when placed in the bedrooms. But installing it once does not end the process, the matter of cleaning lies there.

What variety of silk curtains have you been planning to install? Even if they are motorized, maintenance is a part and having it beautifully placed and maintained enhances its long life!